ORDERING: Simply check out the online menu and add meals to your shopping cart or you can download the printable PDF order forms and call, email or fax your orders to the store. If picking up, you can choose any time Monday-Friday 9am-6pm, or Saturday 10am-4pm, but if you are selecting delivery, please look at our Delivery Calendar (top of page) to find the delivery date for your area. Due the the nature of the online ordering site, you are able to select from 9am-6pm however we do have a set delivery schedule and we will call you to confirm a time frame if it is your first time ordering.

You can also just drop in to the store and grab dinner for tonight or peruse our meals and fill your freezer with several entrees... No more “What’s for dinner?” nights. Just pick up some healthy, tasty meals then sit back and enjoy your easy family dinners.

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Standard Menu - This is updated every 6 months with a list of our standard meals.
Monthly Feature Menu - New featured meals every month! Always something interesting.
Lunch - Join us for our daily hot soup, gourmet wraps, salads and more.
Catering - Catering options are customized for your needs. We specialize in small to medium-size events from corporate meetings to small weddings.

DELIVERY: We currently deliver throughout the Lower Mainland on a regular schedule as per our online calendar here. Delivery is $10 with a minimum order of $60 for local delivery to Langley, Surrey, and White Rock (for elsewhere, minimum order is $100). We offer FREE delivery on any order over $200 or orders over $60 if on our weekly delivery program.

GIFT CARDS: Do you know someone that has just had a baby, getting married, having a birthday, recovering from an illness or loss of a family member, or you just want to give them the gift of time? We offer reloadable gift cards, available in any denomination. What better way to say we are thinking about you, than with healthy, gourmet meals? DOUBLES AS A LOYALTY CARD: Giving a gift card to a friend or family member? Well you're also giving them a loyalty card, and when they come to redeem, they will get 5% back on that card for future use!


Q. Are there minimum quantities I have to order?
A. There is no minimum order for pick up, you can order as little as one meal just to check it out or as many as your freezer will hold. The minimum order for delivery is $60 after discounts.

Q. How large are the meals?
A. We have many different options. You can order Ala Carte (Ready to Cook - serves 4), Appetizers, and our cooked Heat & Serve meals come in Mini, Individual size, Mega size (slightly larger Individual meal), or Family size (serves 3-4).

Q. How long does it take to prepare meals?
A. We've done all the chopping, slicing, grating, and other time-consuming steps. For Ready to Cook meals, you simply follow the easy cooking instructions on the packages and put dinner on the table in no time. For the fully-cooked Heat & Serve meals, all you need to do is heat them up in the microwave or the oven and enjoy!

Q. Do you have any meals for seniors?
A. Yes! We have a large selection of individual portion cooked meals in our Heat & Serve section. We are also an approved nutrition supplier for Veterans Affairs Canada and deliver to over 150 seniors on a weekly and bi-weekly basis. With a weekly delivery order of $60 or more, or a combined monthly orders of $200 or more, we will waive the $10 delivery fee.

Q. Do I have to bring anything to pick up my meals?
A. If you like, but we would be happy to pack it up for you.There are insulated Freezer bags available for purchase for $5.00.

Q. We are picky eaters or have specific dietary needs. Can you accomodate?
A. Absolutely! One of the beauties of Fresh Gourmet TakeAway is that almost everything can be customized. If you want, add a little more of this or less of that. Just order ahead of time and let us know what you need done and we will let you know if it is possible.A special order fee may apply.

On a special diet? No worries, we can help; our staff is always available to assist and give suggestions. We can accommodate many mild food sensitivities and dietary restrictions, such as gluten free diets. Sometimes we need to make certain substitutions and that takes a little extra time, so for any special requests, please call or email to order ahead of time. A special order fee may apply.

We shop local. Our chicken and meats are purchased with care from local farms in the Fraser Valley. We guarantee our chicken is Free-Range, Hormone-Free, and Steroid-Free. For more information on any of our products, please ask us in store.

Q. How can I possibly fit all this food in my freezer?
A. It's not hard. Before you come to Fresh Gourmet TakeAway, take a few minutes to clean out your freezer. The meals are conveniently packaged in sealed bags or trays and take up very little space. Don’t forget to leave a couple in the fridge for this week’s dinners!

Q. Will I save or spend more on food using Fresh Gourmet TakeAway?
A. You'll save! Customers tell us they spend less money using Fresh Gourmet TakeAway. No more wasted spice jars or unused ingredients gone bad. You will save money with less meals at restaurants and more restaurant-quality meals at home. Also keep in mind, there is no tax on most menu items!

Q. What if I need to reschedule a pick up time?
A. Life happens; we understand. We would be happy to freeze your meals and hold them until you are ready.

Q. How do you practice food safety at Fresh Gourmet TakeAway?
A. With great care. All of our workers have been trained in food safety; we follow our Health Department's recommendations and practice all FoodSafe commitments. Your safety and the safety of your family is VERY important to us!

Q. How much does this cost?
A. Fresh Gourmet TakeAway is not only delicious but very cost effective. Each meal is individually priced with the average being $32 for Ready to Cook meal that feeds 4 and $28 for a Heat & Serve Family meal that feeds 3-4. Thus, uncooked meals are typically $8 per serving. Individual cooked meals are $8.75 each and Mega meals are $10.95 each and mini meals $5.95. And remember – no tax!!