I always look forward to my pick-ups at Fresh Gourmet Takeaway. It's a fast, fun and easy way to ensure that you and your family eat delicious, healthy meals. I've been able to cut back on my grocery bills, and save the mess from preparing meals. It's a great time-saver, too - perfect for those with busy lifestyles! Whether you're looking for variety, quick meals or healthy eats, I highly recommend Fresh Gourmet Takeaway!

Lisa, Vancouver BC

I discovered Fresh Gourmet TakeAway a couple of months ago and I wish I’d done it years ago! Since I found Fresh Gourmet TakeAway I don’t waste money by tossing out expensive food that sat in the fridge too long because I didn’t feel like cooking after the long bus ride home from work. There’s a wide variety of delicious dinners in generous portions that satisfy your appetite. I just load up the freezer withchicken, fish, beef, etc. and every day I pull out a different dinner that’s ready in no time! Just love it!

Martha D.

If you are too busy to cook, are having company, or just need a break from meal-making, this is the place to come. The meals are delicious and what’s more, the ingredients are local and fresh and prepared in a healthy way. The menu changes from month to month, so there is endless variety. I don’t know what I’d do without this excellent resource.

Marilyn & Keith L.

I love this – the food is scrumptious! As a busy business owner, the ability to cook for my family, entertain, and even get office events catered is a sanity-save.

Sue S.

Gourmet TakeAway has literally been an angel in disguise. Our family time is precious. Knowing that wonderful, delicious meals are available has allowed our family to spend more time together over great dinners.

Lori F.

My family has been long time Gourmet Takeaway customers. The healthy and tasty meals provided make dinner time for a busy family a breeze. Gourmet TakeAway have been able to create many meals over the years to satisfy a variety of diets in our household, including multiple food allergies. They have a variety of quick options including crock pot meals, heat and eat dishes, as well as fresh ingredients you can prepare yourself. We also have taken advantage of the appetizers and desserts for dinner parties and holiday occasions. Service at Gourmet Takeaway is always fast and friendly. The staff there definitely make our dinners healthy and stress free!

Susan F

I’m a senior who still works full time with a 2 hour commute to work. Needless to say, I am much too tired when I get home to cook a proper meal. After living on store-bought frozen foods, I decided to try Gourmet TakeAway. I thought it wouldn’t be affordable, but having often ended up tossing out things I bought fresh in the past because I couldn’t be bothered to cook, this has turned out to be veryeconomical. There’s no waste, and I don’t have to think about what I’ll have for any meal of the day – there’s always something in my freezer. The staff is wonderful and very accommodating. I am a vegetarian, and thought there wouldn’t be enough choices for me, but I’ve found several meals that I just love! I can’t say enough good things about the food either - very generous portions, and not loaded with preservatives or salt, but nicely spiced and flavourful. I won’t be going back to store-bought frozen food, that’s for sure!

Franny D.